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The League of Impossibilists

Do you have what it takes?

“Big Daddy Cool” Johnny Dellarocca. Madame Darque. Deakon. Nash DeClan. Suki. Dark Soul. Doc Impossible. Thorn. Join our intrepid team of heroes; time-traveling agents of adventure, paranormal investigators, guardians of the Nexus of Reality, defending the world from the rise and return of Cthulhu.

Meet the founders:


The Shaman 
Johnny Dellarocca, AKA "Big Daddy Cool" was tasked by the Architects of Time to protect the Nexus of Reality. Following the battle against the Ghost of Rasputin, that merged past, present, and future versions of Johnny, he traveled into the future and assembled the league to prevent the veil from opening and allowing C'Thulhu to arise once again. The future version of Johnny has evolved even more to become known to many timelines as "The Shaman."

The Sorceress
Madame Darque is the daughter of Gaia, and sister to Morganna, Mab and Nimue. She is a powerful elemental spell caster and shape-shifter; assuming whatever guise suits her fancy. She controls the forces of water, fire, earth, iron, wind and wood. Madame Darque has helped Deakon tame his inner beast and they are often seen together!

The Beast
When we first met the Were-Satyr Deakon, he was wild and untamed. Over the centuries, with Madame Darque's guidance he has learned to control his transformations and has become quite the gentleman when not tearing his enemies limb to limb. When Johnny says "Deakon, sic 'em!" Deakon's favorite response is "Hold my hat." Despite his striking appearance and aggressive nature, children adore him and flock to meet and greet him. That's real magic!


The Enforcer
Nash Declan, is a Next Day Phoenix. What is an NDP? They are powerful elementals with unlimited strength. While this man mountain from 3022 is impervious to fire, he is not invulnerable and can be hurt or killed. Actually, he dies a lot. It's OK though, because he'll club you to death as he dies, bursting into flame as the fire completely consumes him and everyone around him. But don't worry, Nash wakes up alive and well the next day in The Lizzie Borden house in Fall River, Mass - ready to fight another day!



Learn to do magic just like LOI founder "Big Daddy Cool!"

John Pyka (The Shaman "Big Daddy Cool" Johnny Dellarocca) has compiled some of his favorite magic tricks and stunts that are easy to learn and fun to perform! These are the same magic tricks that helped John learn his craft and ultimate turn him into a world class magician! 

Get it today and start your path to becoming a world class magician too!

Click the cover and get it today!

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