Life, Death, and Magick!

John Pyka becomes the Dieselpunk Ghost-Hunting Shaman character for a night of bizarre magic, creepy ghost stories and local legends gauranteed to make you question what is real and what is not!

Formal seated show followed by tour of local haunted locations (where available) with ghost stories and local legends...

AVAILABLE YEAR ROUND, because hauntings don't just happen at Halloween!




Do you think your venue, business or home may be haunted? Let us bring our investigative team The League of Paranormalists to investigate, document and provide possible solutions! Available as an upgrade add-on to Haunted Magic or as a stand alone service.

Ghost Tours

Maybe you are just interested in learning about your town's haunted locations and history. Johnny offers a stand alone package to lead you and your guests on a a tour of local haunted locations, narrated with the ghost stories and legends connected to that location. In Nashville, book a private group tour with www.NightlySpirits.com.