In the final days of WWII, Adolph Hitler made a pact with Dracula to create an army of vampire Nazis. Only the combined might of Earth’s heroes can save the planet from an apocalyptic nightmare!

Join the Blue Phantom, Maxwell Marvel, Kotah the Black Lion and assembled heroes of the Decoverse for a two-fisted showdown of epic proportions!

Night Reich is Tales of the Decoverse Vol. 1


The League of Impossibilists

The League of Impossibilists are time-traveling paranormal heroes defending the space/time continuum against supernatural forces of evil.
Join the LOI in this first pulse-pounding issue as they face the Supreme Cultist and his Consortium of Evil!
Pencils and plot - Doug Oller
Inks and script - John Pyka
Letters - Eli T. Cash
Colors - John Brandon Turner
Cover Colors - Martin Marcos


Magic You Can Do!


Quick Tricks to Look Clever and Astonish People in 5 Minutes or Less!

"Big Daddy Cool" John Pyka has put together 40 fun quick tricks that you can do immediately! It contains easy to learn and master magic tricks, puzzles, and juggling stunts that will help you impress friends, family, clients, customers, etc...


For kids and adults!



Theatrical Magic Omnibus

"A magician is a great actor playing the part of a great magician."


This classic quote is at the heart of Theatrical Magic by John Pyka (aka "Big Daddy Cool" Johnny Dellarocca). John is an accomplished actor and magician, with a degree in Music and Theater Performance from Eastern KY University and a thriving career producing theatrical entertainment for theaters, theme parks, cruise ships and corporate events.


In his book Theatrical Magic, John teaches the reader how to create theatrical presentations for by presenting the reader with creativity exercises, essays and audience tested scripts for classic and commercially available close-up and stage magic - The Origami Box, Substitution Trunk, Snowstorm, 20th Century Silks, The Broom Suspension, Sidewalk Shuffle, Chop Cup, Pyro Perception and more!


The book includes a valuable chapter on character development for magicians, which many consider the center point of the book. Theatrical Magic was first released in 2007 and author John Pyka has updated the text with new routines, new methods, and updated scripts, including the long awaited method for the infamous "Scorpions" routine!


Additionally, in this Omnibus edition John has included the complete How To Produce Your Own Theater Show and The Script as well as an expanded appendix and the complete never before published script for his hit magical musical Swingin' At The Roxy!