"The Prophet of Pop Culture"

John B Pyka has had an extensive career as a professional entertainer and storyteller. In 2020, he made a pivot from live entertainment on stage to a focus on podcasting and writing. 


As a Podcast host, producer and director, Johnny directed and hosted over 117 consecutive episodes of Tales From The Geek on ComicsPriceGuide, and over 130 consecutive episodes of Comixstravaganza on GraphicPolicy. 


John is also the producer and host of the Dieselpunk Podcast for 10 years, and the newest podcast project is Back of the Cereal Box!


John is the author of 4 books on magic, including the industry best-seller Theatrical Magic. His first novella Night Reich is published by Seventh Star Press, and his original comic series The League of Impossibilists will be available in digital and print format in the Summer of 2021!


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